Staff & Volunteers


Michelle Rose - Executive Director

Bette Worth - Office Manager

Barbara Lindsay-Burns - Program Coordinator, Peer Supporter, Trainer of Peer Support, 

WRAP Facilitator

Candy Kelly - Program Coordinator

Renee Salazar - Peer Supporter, Group Facilitator

Karen Angelof - Peer Supporter

Mary Newark - Trainer of Peer Support, WRAP Facilitator

Erica Cass - Peer Supporter

Mindy Stidham - Peer Supporter

Pauline Abrons - Peer Supporter, Yoga WRAP

Trish Hoffmeister - Front Desk, Peer Supporter

Susan Reuter - Peer Supporter

Emergency Department Program Staff 

Jim Burnett - Crisis Peer Supporteer

Victoria Gonzales - Crisis Peer Supporter

Susan Reuter - Crisis Peer Supporter

Ashley Volz - Crisis Peer Supporter

Michelle Rose - Crisis Peer Supporter / Analyst



Ritadina Arriaga - Bilingual Peer  Supporter, Group Facilitator

Marti Ross - Peer Supporter, Office support, WRAP Facilitator 

Wende Ballenberg - Front Desk, Peer Supporter, Wrap Facilitator

Carolene Dean - Office Support

Christy Morris - Peer Supporter

Iden Rogers - Group Facilitator

Greg Michna - Technical Support