What We Believe


Our Mission

To provide effective and profound change in the delivery of mental health services. We empower each other through peer acceptance, respect, tolerance and hope. To Provide a safe and confidential place to begin to heal and embark on your journey towards recovery.

OUR Vision

SPIRIT sees a world where recovery is healthy, free of encumbrances and to empower people towards mental, emotional, spiritual and physical growth. SPIRIT is where all people may practice self help and help others in a dynamic balance. 

OUR Core Values " What We Believe"

People get well here, breaking isolation, reducing pain, peer support, reducing stigma, empowerment for all. 

Personal Story

"Despite the good intentions of those who were close to me, I couldn't help feeling that no one really understood, no one could truly travel this journey with me and make me feel any less alone. Then I came to SPIRIT and realized other people struggle with similar issues, I was empowered to see others living usefully despite the struggles we face. I no longer need to feel ashamed!"