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SPIRIT Peers for Independence and Recovery

Program Director

Job Description


The Program Director is a part time position 32 hours per week.  This is a Non- Exempt position, paying a salary of $18.00 per hour. There is one week of vacation and one week of sick time.  This is a “confidential employee” position. 

The primary responsibility of the Program Director is to directly manage the day to day operations of the center, including direct oversight of SPIRITS programs, classes, and peer support. The Program Director will be responsible for ensuring adequate day to day staffing of the center, weekly schedules for paid staff and coordination of volunteers. The Program Director should maintain a pulse of the day to day activities of the Center to ensure compliance with our Mission statement and goals.

The Program Director will report to the Board of Directors. Lived experience and Knowledge of Peer Support Services is highly recommended.

  • Manage all Staff
  • Manage all programs (SPIRIT, Emergency Department Program, Work Release and any grant programs)
  • Perform Staff Strength Assessments, and ensure Staff is well trained with routine monthly All-Staff trainings.
  • Supervise Team Leaders, Trainers and Volunteers with the help of Staff 
  • Review and analyze the data that is collected, to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs and report out to Nevada County Behavioral Health 
  • As per contract details, participate in the following meetings, subject to change:
    • MHSA Community Services and Supports (CSS) Subcommittee and MHSA Steering Committee Meetings (Per Contract) 
    • Contractors Meeting
    • Quality Assurance Meeting
    • Cultural Competency Meeting
    • Continuum of Care Meeting (Future)
  • Knowledge of QuickBooks 
  • Oversee all bank accounts for budget purposes
  • Budget review with Board of Directors
  • Build Relationship with Property owner
  • Review and sign all time cards, checks and monthly expenses 
  • Negotiate, review and execute Contract with Nevada County Behavioral Health (MHSA)
  • Attend monthly SPIRIT board meetings
    • Provide BOD with monthly activity reports
  • Organize Fundraisers with the help of Staff and Board Members
    • Ensure Holiday Letter goes to the appropriate donors 
  • Research and seek out donors and grants for SPIRIT’s mission
  • Outreach and collaborate with the community, including all local non-profits and service providers.       

                        Another  Opportunity

Office Assistant


Job Description Summary:

  • 15-20 hour position weekly. 
  • Non-Exempt position
  • Paying $13.00 hourly.
  • 6-month review for a potential raise. 
  • 24 Hours sick/vacation time
  • This is a “confidential employee” position.
  • This position requires extensive knowledge of:
    • Excel Spreadsheets
    • Word Documents
    • Email and attachments
    • PowerPoint,
    • Able to print, fax, copy, file, do data entry
    • Other office task as assigned by the Director. 
    • The position requires some knowledge of, or experience with, mental health issues. Patience and respect towards others is required.

Position Requirements: 

  • High School graduation or equivalent
  • Office work experience

Position Duties:

  • In charge of all incoming and out-gong mail. 
  • In charge of making sure payroll all bills get to Business Maters for processing.
  • Collect and record all daily sign in sheets.
  • Record data for the Emergency Department Program, including personal data, and confidential HIPPA information 
  • Compile monthly reports for the Program Director, of all participants in the center, showing all the services utilized
  • Work with the Program Director to ensure needed County reports are completed.
  • Oversees all office supplies making sure supplies are good and purchasing of supplies
  • Organize and maintain Board Meeting Records
  • Additional office duties as required.

Ability to:

  • Be dependability
  • Be a team player
  • Utilize Good communication skills, both written and oral
  • Stay on task
  • Work independently 
  • Concentrate, remain alert, and recall information accurately
  • Effectively complete highly detailed work
  • Meet deadlines
  • Maintain stamina for detailed sedentary work
  • Accurately represent communications in documentation
  • Use typical office machines & software.
  • Handle highly confidential data
  •  Be familiar with HIPPA laws and regulations.

Desired, but not required:

  • Lived experience 
  • Knowledge of Peer Support